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Welcome to Wingssprayer, a dedicated family business with agricultural roots.

Working towards a sustainable future

Wingssprayer is ground-breaking. We use new techniques to provide a perfect solution to the growing demand for spray drift reduction of plant protection products. We help farmers to spray their crops better, faster and more cheaply. That is good for the farmers, good for crops and good for the environment. We are therefore contributing to a sustainable agricultural sector.

The story behind Wingssprayer

Innovations don’t happen by themselves. To be a pioneer requires determination, the courage to break down barriers and to dare to be different. The development of the Wingssprayer is the result of such a process with years of testing and development, staying critical and continuing to develop. That makes the Wingssprayer capable of effectively applying techniques that have never before been demonstrated in the field of agriculture. A product we can be proud of that we enjoy presenting enthusiastically to our customers.

Independent research

An honest story for an honest product: that is Wingssprayer through and through. We are keen to share our knowledge because that is how we can progress together. We feel committed to farmers and recognise and understand the challenges facing the sector. After an intensive development process, we are convinced that we have a positive contribution to make to this. This has been confirmed by independent research: Wageningen University Research has shown that the Wingssprayer, in combination with the correct spray nozzle, causes a spray drift reduction of over 99%.

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Prices and patents

The Wingssprayer combines insights into physics, aerodynamics and agriculture. The result is a unique innovation protected by several international patents. Independent research has shown the clear-cut effectiveness of the Wingssprayer. Over the years, Wingssprayer has indeed won a number of international prizes:

  • Water Innovation Prize, Clean Water category, 2015

  • 2nd prize, Sterling Innovation Award, Canada, 2015

  • Jury prize and Most Innovative Idea, Innovation 2014

  • National Business Success Award Institute, Best Business of 2016, plant protection products (PPP) sector

I clearly saw that the environment needed to be protected much more against the adverse effects of pesticides. This is why we developed the Wingssprayer.

Harrie Hoeben


Push the boundaries with Wingssprayer

The future belongs to businesses that go in search of innovation rather than standing on the sidelines. With a spray drift reduction of 99.8 %, Wingssprayer already meets the predicted norm for 2030. No less important than the regulations are the savings in time and money. Above all, there are also tax benefits available (MIA, Vamil). Are you wondering what this could mean for your own operational management? Calculate your return on investment or contact us to learn more.

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The enterprise

Wingssprayer BV was founded by Harrie Hoeben in 2010. At that time he obtained several patents / patents to protect the product and to offer the possibility to further develop it.

After a few years, the first Wingssprayer systems were sold, and the product proved its usefulness and efficacy for the buyer and the environment from the outset.

This was not a big surprise, as the developer Harrie already had 37 years of spraying experience, first in the parent company, and later as his own contract spraying company for third parties.
He has gained a lot of experience with many infections to crops and with pesticides.

He clearly saw that the environment needed to be much more protected against the adverse effects of pesticides, and hence the development of his brainchild the Wingssprayer.

His son Rob used to be involved daily in the testing of test models, etc., and now he also form a close-knit linchpin in the company with his father, with the aim of using the Wingssprayer product wherever spraying agents are applied.