Crop protection and spray drift reduction go hand in hand. But how do you spray for maximum effect? The Wingssprayer is the solution. The Wingssprayer is an innovative system that ensures optimum dispersal of every spray fluid. User friendly and suitable for virtually all spraying equipment. Results exceed legal standards and that is just one of many advantages. Reap the benefits of our years of research and choose our groundbreaking technology for record results.

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  • 99.8 % drift reduction
  • Optimum protection reaching deep into the crop
  • Save time, water and up to 40% spraying fluid

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Harrie Hoeben


Testimonials from the field

Louis Huls

Sint Geertruid
Even on the land in the South of Limburg, the Wingssprayer sprays with ease and without drift or crop damage. In addition, I save on spray materials and water consumption. The Wingssprayer works so easily, I never want to be without it again.

Hans van Leeuwen

I can now spray everywhere with a fine drop. In addition, only 200 liters of water per hectare are needed and the spray result at half the dosage compared to normal is still amazingly good.

Twan van der Heijden

We only use 200 liters of water per hectare and we also save 25% on spraying agents. Due to the good coverage, we spray so effectively that we sometimes even skip a spray.

Frank van Alpen

In strawberry cultivation, the disease pressure can quickly increase. That is why it is extra important that the spray mist penetrates the crop well, so that the we also hit the bottom of a leaf. With the Wingssprayer we get optimal coverage, also in the crop.

Gert Veniga

We have two spray systems: a traditional syringe and a syringe with Wingssprayer. Since the Wingssprayer is less sensitive to wind, we can spray with the Wingssprayer in case of a strong wind, and often three hours longer than with our traditional sprayer.

Pieter van der Burg

Oostwold Gem. Oldamdt
At a low driving speed, the product comes exactly into place, which is clearly visible on the edges of the fields. There is a straight line and a very clear difference between dead weeds on one side and the healthy grass on the other.

Gert-Jan Paalberg

Sint Maarten
With traditional caps, way to big drops fall next to the crop. That is more like sprinkling than spraying. I have been looking for a solution to this problem for years and I found that solution in the Wingssprayer. The fine drops work perfectly.

Edwin Goedegeduure

On average we save 20% on contact herbicides and 10% to 20% on fungicides. Because of these savings you quickly earn back the investment of a Wingssprayer.

Gaele Miedema

Before I had the Wingssprayer, I saw some people of our village take their clean laundry in when I passed with the the syringe. Fortunately, that is past since I started using the Wingssprayer. We no longer suffer from drift and that is good for our image.

Cornelis Mosselman

With the Wingssprayer I can always spray with fine drops. This gives me the best possible coverage of the crop, which makes the products work even better.

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